I did see “The Winter Soldier” as a “tragic” figure, but you can’t play that, you know. It’s not something that you can really use. Me as an outsider looking at a character like that I would say tragic, yes. Me as the actor kind of playing him, I saw him as a real viable threatening weapon. Somebody who just is almost operating from complete mechanical automatic ways of existing in life. He has very little trace of humanity left to him. And then somebody that essentially is starting to kind of feel things that he’s not — he hasn’t felt in a while. He doesn’t know why" - Sebastian Stan

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a lake in montana whose water is so clear it appears shallow, when really its over 100 feet deep!

this is actually kinda terrifying because what if someone doesn’t know how deep it is, so they go diving and try to swim to the bottom, but they always seem just out of reach, so they just keep swimming… and when they realize something’s wrong it’s too late

Imagine seeing a body at the bottom….

tumblr has the ability to turn everything beautiful into something terrifying 

What if you see a skeleton at the bottom of what appears to be a shallow part of the lake. As you dive down to check them out you notice the water is deeper than you originally thought. Much deeper. You come to realize that there is no way these remains could be human, you’re not even half-way down and already the skull already looks bigger than your car

This started so tranquil and then it turned into Friday the 13th

flathead lake is indeed over 100 feet deep on average but thats not what this is a picture of and i swear none of you have ever seen…….water before 

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steve and bucky discovering the future together 

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Drag the picture to the side of your dashboard :)

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